Delivery Information

  1. Electrans SA no longer offers Postage as a shipping option due to poor services.
  2. The only option available is door-to-door Courier Services.
  3. Customers are welcome to arrange their own courier services to collect from our premises. 


Customers are liable for courier costs. 

Courier costs are dependent on the customers location. (Major City Center/Outlaying Area)


If a customer chose the option Major City Center and the location falls under Outlaying Area, the order will not be processed nor booked in until the correct amount is paid and settled.


Electrans SA works with one reputable courier company due to affordability.

(This option does not include insurance, should this be a requirement please contact us or customers are allowed to arrange their own courier.)

Courier can be arranged by Electrans SA

(OR courier can be arranged by customers - Please select Collect from premises on checkout, no further charges will be added)

Electrans SA will not be responsible for packages being sent off late if the correct information is not provided by the customer. 

When ordering from us, please ensure the following details are provided:
  • Full Name/Company, (Where someone is available to collect) 
  • Contact Number,
  • Street Address Number/Building Name
  • Town, 
  • City,
  • Province,
  • Postal Code

Packages cannot be booked in with the courier company if there is information missing, as this would cause a major risk if items had to be sent off without the proper details. 

Tracking numbers will be provided for ease of access for customers to track their packages.

Waiting Period:

1-3 Working Days (Major City Center)

4-5 Working Days (Outlaying Areas)

It is advisable to not arrange courier for weekends/public holidays as courier costs would be triple the price, (unless it is an urgent requirement) whereas the same service is offered during working days. At times certain courier companies may charge the additional cost and still may not be able to deliver. 

If for some reason it is difficult for you to contact the courier company, we will assist you.

Thank you for taking the time to read our delivery information.